Thomas Kuipers Thomas Kuipers

Senior full-stack web developer, specialized in both client- and server-side javascript. Strong background in PHP.

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The Opinionated Developer

I've never been the guy that blindly writes the code that matches the specs of the FRD. I enjoy being involved in the requirements analysis, iteratively improving the product during the implementation process, and leading the project to successful deployment into production.

Being passionate about UX and having eight years of experience in designing/building large web applications, I believe I'm good at this.

Besides work, I love traveling. On my biggest trip I rode a motorcycle from Canada to Argentina.

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Languages, tools, and —most importantly— buzzwords

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Work experience

  1. (April 2018 — current)

    Personal project together with my friend Kasper Mol. Created a cross-device (mobile, desktop and tablet) multiplayer game in which the players collect emoji and battle each other with them. You can play it for free on

    Technologies: React, Redux, Typescript, Javascript, WebSockets, NodeJS, Postgres, Heroku.

  2. DutchSec (November 2017 — current)

    Working as the main FrontEnd developer on Marija, a web-based graph exploration tool. It's open source, so the code is available on github.

    Technologies: React, Redux, Typescript, Javascript, WebGL, PixiJS, WebSockets.

  3. Learn To Earn (February 2018 — April 2018)

    Taught a 'website building' course to underpriviliged students in a township near Cape Town, South Africa. The course was held at an NGO called Learn To Earn.

  4. Begame (June 2016 — November 2017)

    Lead frontend developer. Built a multiplayer game in Angular, now in use by tens of thousands of players. Built a multi-user webcam streaming server in NodeJS, based on WebRTC.

    Technologies: Angular >= 2, Typescript, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, APIs, Web sockets.

  5. Brand Energy (April 2016 — June 2016)

    Built a RESTful API from scratch in Symfony 2 and two WinJS apps in which employees could manage timesheets and follow scaffolding procedures.

    Technologies: WinJS, Javascript, Symfony 2, APIs.

  6. Denmark's Radio (November 2015 — January 2015)

    Complete redesign and refactoring of the customer service interface of the national public broadcasting company of Denmark.

    Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter, Javascript, OracleQL.

  7. ECI online bookstore (October 2012 — November 2015)

    Redesign and refactoring of the frequently asked questions, integrated interactive chat.

    Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter, Javascript, OracleQL.

  8. The Knowledgebase Company (August 2012 — January 2015)

    Customization of RightNow, the customer service and support solution by Oracle. Worked on rich web applications for large companies including T-Mobile, Ziggo, NS, Postcode Loterij and ABB.

    Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter, Javascript, OracleQL.

  9. (2013 — 2014)

    Development of a fully responsive mobile gaming platform for one of the largest gaming portals in the world. Infrastructure development supporting up to 20.000 simultaneous visitors. Created a PHP framework 'Fast' that handled this. Also created a JavaScript framework similar to jQuery, but a lot faster and suitable for old computers in third world countries.

    Technologies: PHP, Laravel, AWS.

  10. OnsBoek (own company) (2011 — 2012)

    A startup together with 4 peers. We were creating a photoalbum application, similar to Hema's.

  11. Anno MMX (2010 — 2012)

    Anno MMX has created a market leading CRM for real estate businesses. I have worked on that CRM. I also developed an advanced Wordpress plugin that real estate agents could use to easily display properties on their websites via our JSON API.

  12. Tromphuis Financiering (2008)

    Lead front-end developer and training other front-end developers.

  13. Paylogic (formerly Accepté) (2006 — 2007)

    Graphic design and front and back-end development.

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  1. Information Science, University of Amsterdam (2009 — 2013)

    Information Science is not so much a technical study. It is more about understanding an organization and leveraging technology to create business value.

    Example courses: Business Modelling & Design, Interaction Design, Information & Knowledgemanagement, Architecture and Infrastructure, Databases, Business Information Systems, Conceptual Modelling, Information & Organizations.

  2. VWO+, Zernike College, Haren (2001 — 2008)